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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is our PET Center is not displayed on the map?
You must first register your center, with a valid address. To register, click here. If you have already registered, please log in and make sure that the address is entered correctly.
How do I get the "referral form" button next to my listing?
Please register your center and log in. Under "My Account" tab, you can choose to use our standard referral form, or upload a scanned copy of your own referral form. Alternatively, you can mail a blank requisition form via US mail.
What is "Accreditation"? How are accredited centers different?
Accreditation means that a third party has reviewed sample scans performed by the PET center and determined that the scans are of sufficient quality. More information on the accreditation process can be found on the American College of Radiology website.
Our center has been recently accredited by ACR. How do I update our PET Scan World Profile to reflect this?
Your profile will be automatically updated within 48 hours of this information being published by the ACR. Please contact us if your center is not listed within 48 hours of gaining accreditation.

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